Formatting issues

Hi, I have used some bullet points in one of my paragraphs under visual editor, but when I save the page the bullet points do not show up on my live website. Any idea why that is?

Hi Marta,

did you have url to your site?

yes, here

it’s under the “work with me” page

Ok, here is it the css code to display your bullet:

.widget ul {
    list-style: inherit;
    padding-left: 18px;

you can use custom css plugin to put the code above

That’s great, thank you that worked. Now just one more thing. On that same page, I keep entering one space between a paragraph and the line “Total Clarity” and it doesn’t want to reflect that either. What can I do?


sorry for the delay, I just checking back your site and seems like the “Total Clarity” already has space between another paragraph. Did you already fix it?

Yes, I already fixed it. I added a spacer.