Formatting Glitch


I am having an intermittent issue with my Moesia theme. Link:

It will at times appear as it should, whereas other times it will scramble the text into what I would describe as a column text format, rendering it illegible.

This glitch has occurred on my personal computer, a friends computer, as well as an individual in a WP expert group I’m in on FB’s computer. At least one computer was a Mac, one was not- unsure about the third computer. Since the problem is inconsistent (and I’m a novice to WordPress), I’m having trouble tracking down the problem. Sometimes it will appear incorrect but if you visit it a few minutes later it is correct again.

In the WP Expert group they asked if I have a Page Builder plugin, which I do, and said that can sometimes cause a similar glitch, but said I shouldn’t just delete the plugin if I’m not sure if I’ve used it at any point (which I’m not sure as I began this project several years ago, got frustrated with a few things I couldn’t seem to figure out and put the entire project on pause. So now I’m having a hard time recalling exactly what I’ve done up until this point.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello there,

I visited your site and not sure I could get exact issue you’r seeing.

Is there any video recording you could share here?

Stay safe.
Have an excellent day ahead :slight_smile:

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