For next update


First of all I would like to thank the people at Athemes for a wonderful work with Sydney. It’s really good. But I think it can get even better.

My wishlist for next update

  1. The project-portfolio. I know that many want to make it possible to display the title of the project.(without css-coding). It would be great if you could make it in a similar fashion as you have in the “perth theme”

  2. Make it possible to customize the font-size of the header-slider text. And if possible customize font-weight.

  3. Make it possible to add a second Call to action button in the header-slider. Like you can in the “perth theme”

  4. Make the Call to action buttons more costumizable. For example I know that many want to add icons in the button. Perhaps in form of an arrow.

Okay! Here is a few things that could make this theme even better.