Footer Widgets

Hello, I love the theme, it has been very user friendly. I am new to building websites so please bare with me, I am sure this is just something small that I am missing. I am just trying to take the footer widgets and make them their own individual sections with full page width just like in the Moesia Pro live demo. If you look at my site all the way at the bottom, my widgets are all placed next to each other at the bottom. I would like my Instagram section to be its own full width section, and then under that, my social media widget, etc. etc. Also in the Moesia Pro demo, you put a different background with your social media icons, can you give me the code template for something like that as well. Thank you for your help!


You’re not really using your front page as we did in the demo. You would need to assign the Front Page template to it, then simply add the widgets you want.

For instance, you can simply add them in the Page Builder one after the other:

  • text widget (add the What it is text inside it)
  • Moesia FP: Instagram
  • Moesia FP: Social (you can choose the background image from the widget itself_

Then move your sidebar widgets (Like Box etc) into the footer because the Front Page template doesn’t use a sidebar.

More info on the documentation page.

Let me know if something doesn’t make sense.

Vlad- Thank you very much! I knew it was probably something small I was overlooking haha. I am still very new to all this so thanks !!

Sorry I have another question, where can I edit services? It says I have to create them in the dashboard and they will automatically display. I am going on the page builder and it allows me to create the Services widget, and the only thing I can do is create a title and add a background from that screen.

Have you looked at the documentation I linked above? :slight_smile:

You need to install the Types plugin which is recommended when you first activate the theme and then import the settings file found on the documentation page.
Then the Services custom post type will show up and you can simply add the services you want and they will be displayed if you use the widget you mentioned.