Footer Widget

I have some questions about the field footer widget:

Is it possible to insert a logo (centered) on the left side of the bottom of the widget, which is written only the site name? And, is possible I give this field mentioned above, a color different from that in the final liha footer? And a separator line between these space and between ite name field and the main area of the page? One more question on this same field: Is it possible to insert another widget in the footer field, ie, the third field?

I do not really know how.

I know there are many questions, but they are all on the same field, it is linked to another.

Here is the answer for the footer Perth:

  1. Currently there is no option to display site logo in the footer, you have to change the HTML and PHP code for the footer instead

  2. To change the site title on the footer, you can use these css code below:

.footer-branding .site-title a {
    color: red;

you can put the code above using custom css plugin

  1. What do you mean with separator line? Can you be more specific?
  2. Currently, Perth theme only support for max 2 widgets for the footer. If you wondering to add more widgets block for the footer, you can ask the request to codeable

Hope it help :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response to my questions.

I decided to send this, to make it clearer what I need.

These changes are possible?