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How do I amend the text in the footer that currently reads

Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Sydney by aThemes.
Many thanks

Hello there,

Please search the forum before posting questions. For example, this post will show you how to change it, and you can also remove these lines if you don’t want them.

Bistro is child theme of Sydney so simply edit copy Sydney footer.php file, copy it to Bistro folder and make changes from there.

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Yes I saw that post but am unclear where you have found that code. I am very new to this and trying to help out a friend.

Many thanks

Hello again,

Ok, once more.

  1. Read this carefully
  2. Bistro theme is child theme of Sydney
  3. From Sydney theme folder copy footer.php file inside Bistro theme folder
  4. After that footer.php will be loaded from Bistro and it will override footer.php file inside its parent - Sydney theme
  5. You can then edit this file from WP admin > Appearance > editor and to change mentioned lines in any way you want.

Note: Be careful, error after edit can break your theme, and you will have to -re-install it or to delete modified file over FTP client.


Hi Dimik

Thank you for your patience.

However I have never done this before.

I looked under the appearance and there is a link to Sydney Info. Once in the Sydney Info, I have no idea where to find the code you mentioned so that I can remove the wording in the footer. I also have no idea where then where to put that code in the Bistro Editor

Hello again,

After you have copied footer.php file to bistro theme folder, you will have option to edit footer.php file from from WP admin > Appearance > editor.

That is all to it. If you are not up to the task, please contact Codeable, or find some freelancer.

We can only provide these kind of guides to users, and they have to make modifications by themselves, and if you don’t have basic understanding for wordpress, unfortunately, we are not in position to code this for you.

Thanks for understanding.
Best regards!