Footer Text & Underline Colors

Hi there,

Can you help provide the code to 1) Delete double line decoration under widget titles in footer, 2) Change color of double lines under widget titles in footer, 3) Change the title font color and the main body font color in footers?

An image with my footer can be found here:

THANK YOU so much!! Love this theme and your support your is incredible.

PS - I’m not ready to decide whether I want to keep the double-line decoration so that’s why I asked for both… :slight_smile: Thanks!


There you go:

/* Hide */
.footer-widget-area .widget-title {
     border-bottom: 0;
/* Border color */
.footer-widget-area .widget-title {
     border-color: #3A3A3A;
/* Title color */
.footer-widget-area .widget-title {
     color: #E4E4E4;
/* Body color */
.footer-widget-area .widget, 
.footer-widget-area .widget a {
     color: #aaa;

really would be nice to include the font color and type options in the regular customizations area instead of having to code!!!

That all worked beautifully – Except I also needed to change the icon colors in the contact portion of the footer (for address, phone, email). Can you provide the code modifications for that? THANK YOU!!!

PS - Here’s an image of what I’m talking about for reference: