Footer text - changes

Hallo again,
I would like to make some changes in footer text. I would like to translate it into PL, add info about private policy and so on…

Should I do it directly in “Sydney: sidebar-footer.php” or can I do it differently? I wouldn’t like to spoil anything in that code.


Witamy W-w,

You please do not make anychanges to theme files. You can create child theme for our theme and make changes you want from there and yes you can edit footer.php and sidebar-footer.php files to archive your needings.

Witaj Oren :slight_smile:
I think I’ve made a mistake in my question above. I wanted to make changes in “Sydney: Stopka (footer.php)”, not in “Sydney: sidebar-footer.php”. Anyway. I understand that it’s not good to make any changes directly to theme files. I shouldn’t so I won’t :slight_smile:

My question is if I could use here Custom CSS instead of Child theme. I have it installed already. And if it is possible how can I do it?

Yes? No? Please give me any feedback…