Footer showing before content

Hey there!
Firstly I’d like to tell you that this theme is pretty nice, even through it’s not updated anymore.

I am experiencing a strange bug ever since I installed the theme on my site.
The probleme is that the footer is displayed before anything else on the site. The content comes only after something like 0.5s, so during 0.5s we only see the footer.

I tried disabling some plugins, nothing seems to affect this issue.

It is more notifiable on mobile version, on PC it’s usually not even visible.
But it NEVER happens if it’s the first time you visit the site. It’s only when you see the 2nd, 3rd page etc… Sounds like some caching issue.

If you have any hint…
Here’s the adress :

Thank you in advance!

Hello @tainpu,

I don’t think that it’s a bug, because when page is loaded everything is fine.

However, you can try this solution.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.