Footer on mobile device in middle

My desktop version is perfectly fine but when I go to this page on a mobile device the footer isn’t on the bottom of my page but in the middle.


Hi Denise,

I can’t inspect the issue you’re reporting because when I visit your site, it is only displaying a white screen.

Please fix it first. Let me know in your reply to this thread when you’re done.

aThemes Support

I fixed it, sorry for the problem I was working on the set the new link is: and the footer is only strange on my mobile device

Did you see it now? with the new link??

Update: now my footer is also in the middle of my screen om my computer device. plz help me fix this! do I need to send my additional css?

Now it works on my website desktop version but on my mobile device it’s overlaying some of my sydney portfolio elements

here you can see it!

and yes it loaded already

okay now it’s also in the middle of my website desktop version. Would appreciate it if you could help me

Hello there,

Perhaps you’re getting an issue with one of your active plugins. Is it possible to disable all of your active plugins temporarily at once and run your test.

aThemes Support