Footer not working properly

I want to put the Moesia:Contact Info widget into Footer B so it’s centered. I don’t want anything in Footer A.

For some reason, if I leave Footer A empty, then the Contact Info widget visibly shows up in the space where Footer A is when looking at the site, however, it still shows it is in Footer B when I look at the dashboard.

Any idea as to why this is happening and how I can fix it?


Although some themes contain additional logic which can be set by user for sidebars functionality, Moesia theme is simply designed with default WP logic, and if sidebar do not contain any widgets it will not be rendered. This is normal and intended behavior.

If you want to change this you will have to edit theme folder / sidebar-footer.php file and to remove mentioned conditional function.

Also, consider using child theme, since your changes will be lost on next theme update.

Best Regards