Footer moves to Sidebar

Hello again.

So sorry to bother your precious time again.

I made changes to the child theme with centered featured images and the font size.
I noticed now that my footer moved to the sidebar.

Can you see what is wrong? And how to fix it?
My website is:

Thank you
Arief Wibowo


I am trying to inspect the element of your site and yes the footer is moved to the sidebar.

Did you change sidebar.php and sidebar-footer.php?
Can you please show me the files? you can paste the code to and share the link here.


I am only added this code in the child theme:
p {
font-size: 12px;
font-size: 1.2em;

.entry-thumbnail img {
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

I didn’t change anything else. the sidebar.php and sidebar-footer.php should be like the parent theme.

I will show you the file


Thank you for helping me.

Your changes should not affect to the footer.
Can you please try to deactivating your plugin? Just to make sure if that was caused by the plugin or something else.

Hi Awan,

Thank you for your answer.

It just so happened, I added another text to the footer and the footer section returned to normal. I still don’t know what happened, though.
I filled all 4 sections of the footer and now it is working just fine.

I didn’t add any plugin prior to the error. I haven’t tried deactivating plugins, too.

A hiccup, maybe?

Thanks again for your support


I just visiting back your site and its returned to normal.
Not sure what caused it, but its great if the issue is already fixed.