Footer menu not cooperating

It seems like my old post got resolved, but I don’t have it fixed yet. I cannot get my footer menu to display, it doesn’t work through widgets under customize. I also would like to customize the appearance of it, such as text size and where it’s placed, is that possible?

For example, I’d like to put my privacy policy on the same line as the copyright info and the same text size. How can I do that?


Hi Marta,

We would need to see your site to figure out what’s wrong with the menu.

Not sure what your privacy policy has to do with the menu, but to add stuff on the same line as the copyright info you’ll need to hardcode it into footer.php because the footer widgets are displayed before the copyright info.

Hi Vlad, you won’t see it on my site because it doesn’t show. My main menu is just fine, but my footer menu doesn’t display at all (and my privacy policy is under my footer menu). I’ve assigned under customize and just nothing shows.

Is there a specific code to hardcode in into footer.php?

Also, how can I make the copyright info in the centre? (as opposed to aligned left)

You must realize that I don’t know what footer menu your referring to. You mean you added a Menu widget in the footer widget areas or what exactly? I would still need to see your site so I can inspect the code on the front end, even if the menu doesn’t actually display.

You just need to hardcode a regular link. Note that you should do this in a child theme: <a href="">Privacy</a>

Vlad, when you go to wordpress dashboard-appearance-menu, there is a place to create your menus, correct? I have 2 menus set up there: Main menu (that shows on my header) and I’ve also set up a footer menu, which I want to show inside my footer.

I’ve gone to customize-menus and tried to assign a second menu there - my footer menu and added my privacy policy page under that. But when I save this, all it does is add some strange while spade at the top of my header and nothing in the footer. My link if you need it, but I’ve deleted the footer menu because I can’t leave it like that.


How can you centre the copyright line?

This will center the copyright in the footer:

.site-info {
   text-align: center;

There is no menu position in the footer so there is no place to assign a menu there. Just because you create a menu it doesn’t mean it will show up some place. It needs to be attached to a position, and the position your looking for doesn’t exist in Sydney. Probably this is why we’re not understanding each other here.

Hello Marta,

maybe you can try to create the menu and then to into the customizer and add a menu widget in the footer.

Okay Vlad, thanks for the code. I didn’t realize that was not possible in Sydney theme, I guess that’s where the confusion came from.

Thanks WeAreOne, I’ve tried to play around with widgets with no luck. Oh well, I’ll figure something out eventually.