Footer menü logo

hey athemes team,

i just want to ask if its possible to change the logo in the footer.
Actually there is just the written text.

with kind regards

Hi Sammy,

currently, you only able to use the site title on your footer. There is no option yet to add a logo image to the footer. But it’s always possible to display the logo image on footer by creating a child theme. You can follow this steps to enable it:

  1. create a child theme
  2. duplicate footer.php from parent theme to the child theme
  3. Edit footer.php, change this line:
<h1 class="site-title">
  <a href="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>" rel="home">
  <?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></a>

to <?php perth_branding(); ?>