Footer Manu


Can I make a footer menu like your url:

I am making website using your theme which I like most.

Please help.

Okey! You want to enable the footer? Is that correct?

  1. Go to Customize—> footer—> choose three
  2. Go to widgets --> choose footer 3 —> add Sydney contact information.
    And after that choose footer 2 and add the visual editor
    and for footer 1 choose Sydney Video

Okay, if you have any more questions,ask again!!

Thank you very much. I added as you instructed and it is fine now. But Can I use four footer as I need it because I have some other links to add there. I see if I go to Customize->Footer-> there are four option as well but I am not seeing it in footer area. there are only three.

I see four footer areas on your page.

And by the way. You know that you can put more than one plugin in a footer area.
I myself have 2 plugins in one footer area.

Thank you very much. I have already added four. And it is fine for me.

I see the space between text in footer menu bare large. How can reduce it please. I attached an image here to show what I mean.footer menu

My website link:
I want social media in the bottom as I marked. If you see the image you will understand what I mean. Last but not least, How can I lowercase font for some titles in page?

I really appreciate your help.


I think the image link did not work before so again I attached.

Okay, im not really sure I understand everything.But I can help you with the footer space.

  1. Use some code. Important!, use a custom css plugin or child theme to insert the code.
  1. Add this code

padding: 15px;

  1. 15x is just a suggestion from my side. You can change to your liking.

If you have more questions, ask again!

I cant help you with your menu-problem and the lowercase issue. Sorry!
It’s seems like you using Sydney Pro?
Ask master Vlad!

I question to you! How did you manage to add, footer credits in the bottom of the page?

Hello nitairoy,

to reduce the top and bottom widget padding you have to apply this css code in a child theme or custom css plugin:

.footer-widgets {
  padding: 20px !important;

To lowercase the titles use:

.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
  text-transform: lowercase !important;

Also look whether you wrote them in capital letters in the widgets.

And to your third issue: Do I understand it right that you want the social icons next to the footer credits? Then you have to edit the footer.php in a child theme and link some images there.

@copen: I don’t think this is sydney-pro. But in relation to your question:
To edit the footer copyrights you can update to sydney pro (there is an option to change the footer credits) or you can copy the footer.php into a child theme and change the footer text there.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for footer-widgets and lowercase issue. Both works find as I need. Than you very much. About social icon, Let it be there, I think it is looking nice and there are no issues. What do you think please.

my website address is:

It’s okay to have them there. To get them into the footer has to be solved through a new plugin or child theme code. To let them be there is the easiest way.
If you want, maybe try to set them into the middle and give the row more top/bottom padding.