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I wanted to remove the athemes link text from the footer. Is anyone able to advise a simple step by step guide to do so?

I would be happy to keep a line saying site by Athemes or something similiar I just don’t want the current link.

Many thanks



You can do this by editing the footer.php file. I will suggest you to make the changes using a child theme, so that this change along with other changes done will be preserved even after updates.

In footer.php line number 27 is what you want to edit.

Hope it helps!



Hi Matty,

Thanks for the reply.

I am a complete novice…would you be able to provide simple step by step to remove this from the css?

Many thanks


Hi Iamjro,

I thought the steps will be well perceived, but its OK. I will try and make it more simple.

If you are comfortable with CSS then we can use CSS display none property to hide the text.

Please let me know if that is what you want



Hi Matty,

Well I use a plugin that is pretty is attached to the theme customization menu in the dashboard.

Would this also remove the All rights reserved section on the left hand side? As I want to keep this.

See to understand what I mean.



If you just want the site credit to hide/remove you can do this by adding the following code in your theme’s style.css file.

I wouls suggest you to do the changes either using child theme or by using my custom css plugin, so that the changes you make remain preserved even after the upgrades.

.site-credit {
    display: none;

Hope it helps!