Footer Keeps Disappearing


I have been using the Leto theme for a while and has been working well. I do have a few issues though one biggest one is my footer keeps disappearing randomly and the product photos will also disappear. I am using ElementsKit Lite for the Footer. When I update any plugin it comes back and then disappears randomly. Any Ideas?



Hi Ryan,

I need direct checking to find out the problem. Can you provide a link to your website here?

aThemes Support

Please let me know what else you would need. Im thinking the code in the footer.php is conflicting with the element kit lite plugin?

Also noticing there is (no title) and Visit the post for more. How can I best update this?

Thanks in advance

Hello there,

I visited your website several times and the footer is always appearing.

I don’t know where the problem since the reported issue is not consistent.

To find out whether theme or plugins causing you this issue try doing these troubleshooing instructions:

  1. Try disabling all plugins
  2. Run your test to confirm whether the issue remains or not
  3. Re-enable all plugins one by one and run your test in each to narrow down the source of the problem.

Please raise a separate topic for your new question. And use one topic for one question, so we can track progress easier and maintain these support forums in good order.

aThemes Support