Footer in the middle

Hi, the footer of my rocked theme is stuck in the middle of the screen. How can I make it to move along with the content as the content is increasing ? example

Page 1


Page 2


Another question is

How can I make all table borders to be non visible ?

Thank you very much.

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

Please share the link to the pages in question, so I can inspect it and suggest the working solution.


Thanks four your response Kharis. I solved it before your message.

But I have another problem.

I am using Visual Composer and an Element called Tabbed Content.

I was troubleshooting with the people from VC and we concluded it was a problem with the theme in specific. We disabled all plugins and then changed theme to another and then it worked. Then tested in Rocked again but it did not work.

We activated all plugins and it worked with the other theme but it kept not working in Rocked.

The error comes in that the tab is not changing, from tab 1 to 2 or 3, it keeps showing tab 1.

The page is not public, I can send you a link via email if you want. And I can open it at the time you prefer.

Thank you.