Footer has gone

I (probably) have altered things in my child theme. Now I can no longer see any footer (even if I change my theme tot the ‘original’ Moesia-theme).
What did I do wrong and what should I do to resolve this problem?

Hello there,

Please share the link to your site, so I can inspect and troubleshoot it?


Hi Kharis,
The problem is that I made a test version of my site.
I don’t know if you’re able to see the site with this link:
You probably need the login-accounts?
And I don’t think it is wise to publish these records publicly.

Thnx for your quick response (by the way),
arie-leen van schoonhoven
I also want the change the color of my pages, but I don’t succeed in this as well.

Please share the child theme package to my email and mention the link to this thread.