Footer credits option missing


How do I change the footer text in the customizer? My wife has had Alizee Pro for a week, and “footer credits” is an option between “fonts” and “site identity”, but it’s missing from my version.

Thanks for your help.


Sorry about that, we have a little issue with our updates server and some things got messed up. Could you install the same version of the theme that your wife has?

I did this, but I still don’t see the footer credits as an option. I even have the same additional custom css code (and even most plugins) that she has for her site copied over. She did mention that she thought that there might have been a theme update after she installed her version, which wouldn’t have been captured when I uploaded her Alizee Pro download.

My site:
Her site:

I see. Unfortunately our hands are pretty tied right now until the company that handles the update server gets it back online.

If it’s urgent you can email me an admin account at vlad[at] and I’ll add the credits you want directly into the code for now.

I’ll also ask my colleague to refund you when he is online as you don’t have to buy 1 license/per site anyway.

Thanks, Vlad. It’s not urgent (assuming that it’s not something that will take a long time to resolve).

And we did receive that credit. Thanks so much - we really appreciate it!

You can update now :slight_smile: