Footer credits not honoring HTML? - Pro theme

Hi I’m trying to add a simple link () to my footer credit and the HTML being echoed plain, shouldn’t support HTML code in there? It says “Footer credits [HTML allowed]”

Thanks in advance!

Sorry this behavior just happens during the customization, it works fine after closing the customizer panel, weird.

What’s the code you are trying to add? I do this quite a lot with the other themes. Have you checked the code works. Have a look at the footer credits html is Copyright 2016 Kingussie Golf Club - Call 01540 661600 Email

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

That converted my code to a hyperlink! Copyright 2016 Kingussie Golf Club - Call 01540 661600 Email <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

As I said finally works perfectly, It just doesn’t looks “right” when I’m entering the HTML code (similar code than yours) in the customizer, there is displayed as plain text. So is not a critical issue, but maybe can be corrected because I expected to see the change as soon as I entered into the text box, and that’s what doesn’t happens.
Thanks Louise!

Yay! Great it works, I think we must have posted at the same time (I’m BST) because I hadn’t seen your update, glad it works though.

:wink: GMT-3

It’s not running the HTML when you’re in the Customizer because the output is JS generated so that it happens in real time (without refreshing the Customizer).

I see, didn’t checked that. Thanks Vlad! Best regards.