Footer Credits area

How do we change the footer credits from “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: TheShop by aThemes” to our details?

I also want to change the background colour to #212225 and font to #bdc2c8


You can overwrite the footer.php file in a child theme and add what you need in it. Or you can see our credits plugin for TheShop.

You can use a custom CSS plugin and add this:

.site-footer, .site-footer a {
     color: #333;
.site-footer {
     background-color: #333;

Thank you

Vlad, sorry I changed the color seems there is a white line inbetween the credits footer and the site footer, it will look much better if it was not there.

white line


you can apply this css code in a child theme or custom css plugin to get rid of the line:

.site-footer {
  border: none !important;

Super thanks, it worked. :slight_smile: