Footer Container Width

Hello, is there an easy way to change the width of the footer container. I tried editing the container width but it changes all the containers on the site instead of the just the one where the footer widgets are located it. Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks!

maybe you can try this css code below:

#sidebar-footer .container {
    max-width: 1250px;

PERFECT!!! Thank you so much!!! This is exactly what I was looking for! You don’t know how much I appreciate this and how much time I wasted trying to find the right css for this. I didn’t realize I could target a specific class by adding the id.

I also used this to adjust the width of the nav-menu/sticky-wrapper like this:

#undefined-sticky-wrapper .container {
max-width: 100%;

Is this correct?

When the page loads it displays the menu as before and then after about 5 seconds it goes to 100% width. Is there an easy way get rid of the delay? Once again thank so you much for you help Awan!

Don’t use percentage for the max-width, use this instead:

div#undefined-sticky-wrapper .container {
    max-width: 1270px;

I don’t see any load delay in this theme. Can you post the URL to your site?

Thanks again for your reply!

Unfortunately the edit is still delayed. I posted the following in the custom CSS field using the site origin plugin. Is that where I should posting these edits or is this causing the delayed rendering?

#undefined-sticky-wrapper .container {
max-width: 1400px;