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Hello Support-Team,

on my Website the footer area is not visible. I have put some widgets in that area (Sydney contac Buttons and SiteOrigins Social Media Buttons). What can I do to make this area visible?


Hello Katrin,

The footer widgets area automatically appears when a widget or more found either in Footer 1, Footer 2, or Footer 3 in the widgets administration panel (Appearance > Widgets). If it doesn’t, pleas check the footer.php template by going to Appearance > Editor. Then see if the following code block presents.

<?php if ( is_active_sidebar( 'footer-1' ) ) : ?>
  <?php get_sidebar('footer'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Does it look like this? If not, please try to deactivate your Sydney theme, delete, and then reinstall the fresh one.


Dear Kharis,

this is what the footer.php reads:


  • The template for displaying the footer.

  • Contains the closing of the #content div and all content after

  • @package Sydney
    </div><!-- #content -->

    <?php do_action(‘sydney_before_footer’); ?>

    <?php if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘footer-1’ ) ) : ?>
    <?php get_sidebar(‘footer’); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    <i class=“fa fa-angle-up”></i>

    <footer id=“colophon” class=“site-footer” role=“contentinfo”>
    <div class=“site-info container”>
    "><?php printf( __( ‘Proudly powered by %s’, ‘sydney’ ), ‘WordPress’ ); ?>
    <span class=“sep”> | </span>
    <?php printf( __( ‘Theme: %2$s by %1$s.’, ‘sydney’ ), ‘aThemes’, ‘Sydney’ ); ?>
    </div><!-- .site-info -->
    </footer><!-- #colophon -->

    <?php do_action(‘sydney_after_footer’); ?>

</div><!-- #page -->

<?php wp_footer(); ?>


I had the same problem on my homepage, but there your collegue told me to Change the Header and Footer Scripts and this worked out.

I’d rather not deactivate the whole SIDNEY theme and install a new one. I am afreaid of loosing the whole design I have have done so far.

All the best,

Hi Katrin,

What did you do with the Header and Footer Scripts plugin?

Reinstalling Sydney theme won’t remove the configurations you’ve done as long as you’ve never touched the core template files. If you’re not sure, you can do full site backup before doing so.


Hi Kharis,

on my Homepage I put the following into the as script in the Header:

<link rel=‘stylesheet’ href=‘’ type=‘text/css’ media=‘all’ />

The Script in Footer section is empty.

For my Homepage this does not work.

Maybe there is something similar for this Homepage I can add to the scripts in the Header or footer.


Hello Katrin,

You site footer is now displaying properly as seen on the following screenshot. Have you been able to figure it out?



Hi Katrin of Kharis,

I have exactly the same issue. The footer was always working, but I noticed one or two weeks ago it was gone. I had three footer widgets with address, menu and social links. Please see image, the white part was supposed to be the footer.

Above section metioned code is present in footer.php

Hello there,

Visiting your site URL, unfortunately it isn’t accessible for public yet. This situation prevents me to inspect what’s actually happening. Is there any other way to access your site?


Dear Kharis,

Thanks for looking intro this issue. I have made the website publicly available now. As you can see the with bands at the bottom should be filled with the widgets menu, social icons etc.

I cannot find why it is not showing… Hope you can help it to guide me in the right direction to solve.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Vincent,

Inspecting your site footer area, it looks like the footer.php file doesn’t load properly. Please read my previous reply.


Hi @kharisblank ,

I revived the topic because I can’t make my footer show in my website. Here is the link:

Through the customizer, I set a few widgets that never show. I’ve cheched the footer.php file as in here and it looks fine.

Can you help me?
Thank you

Hello there,

To check whether your page’s content causes a script conflict or not, please try creating a new blank page. Visit it and see if you can see the same issue in there.

Stay safe.
Have an excellent day :slight_smile:

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