Footer 1 widget area

I have a footer 1 where I have a couple of links. The area is too high, but I cannot find out how to fix it. See screenshot ( )

Hallå Bengan
Do like this.

  1. Use some code. Important, use a custom css plugin or child theme to insert the code.
  1. Add this code


  1. You problem then should be solved.

If you have more questions, ask again!

works fine.

Well somehow I solved the hamburger menu icon being absent from my 4 pages when viewed on an ipad2. However one page refuses to participate. Just one.

I’m at a loss for a solution. I’ve tried creating a test new page and copying the content of the delinquent page but no luck. The test page also refuses to show the icon.


Page: Clients | Projects

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I do enjoy John Williamson :slight_smile: