I have two websites and I am having difficulties making the fonts match.

Website 1 (which I am trying to get website 2 to look like):
Website 2:

Main differences:

  1. The menu font is different. When I go to the Font tab (in Customize on the Dashboard) there is no font selected for ‘Select your desired font for the headings.’ on .com site but I have Roboto Condensed selected on the .ca site. How do I deselect the font? Will this solve the problem?

  2. The headers on the .com site (h2 and h3) appear bolder on the .ca site. I have copied the style.css file (and the bootstrap.min.css file) from the .com to the .ca site but there is obvioulsy some other setting that is overriding these. Please can you advise?

Thanks in advance


How I see you use the same font, the only difference is on .ca you use normal font-weight and on .com you use bold, so maybe try to select on one of the site’s the font-weight you would prefer.

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