Fonts & sizes


Hi and congrats for the great theme!

  1. What is the default headings font and how can I have it again? - I wanted to test all of the fonts in the list and can’t go back to the font you use in the demo, which I think looks perfect.
  2. After I changed fonts and wanted to try different heading sizes, I get strange behaviour: the default h3 size is 24, but when I go one up (25) my text shrinks (looks like a 10, compared to the 24 from the start) and grows from there if I go +1 …

Thank you!



  1. The default font for headings is Roboto Condensed. You can assign it from the same list.
  2. I’m not seeing this issue. Does it look ok if you save your settings and you leave the Customizer? Are you using Moesia or Moesia Pro?


I’m using Moesia. I changed to Roboto Condensed but it doesn’t look like in the demo, it is thinner, more like regular vs. bold.



Well, that’s exactly it. It’s losing the font-weight propriety when the font gets switched because not all the fonts in that list look good when bolded. I’ll try to find a way around this in a future version, meanwhile you can add this to your style.css or to a custom CSS plugin:

.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
   font-weight: 700;

Cool language you have there :slight_smile:


It did the trick, but only for the widget title (OUR SERVICES). The actual services names, post titles etc. remain “slim”. Any other trick?
Thank you.


Sure, sorry, add this and delete the first code:

h6 {
   font-weight: 700;

You can remove any heading that you don’t want to bold from the code above.


Looks great now!
But i’m shure that there is a problem with the fonts sizes … if i inspect services widget title i see a size of 56 but the customizer shows default h3 as 24, and as i told you before, when I change to 25, the title jumps on the preview page from 56 to 25.

  1. When I place an image background for the LATEST NEWS widget, it doesn’t show.
  2. I found a problem with the LATEST NEWS widget colors: the POST TITLE color changes the title background and not the text color.



The default h3 size is indeed 24px, but the front page widget titles are set to 56px. Basically, the size of the widget titles is affected only in the preview, if you save and leave the customizer it’s back again at 56px.

  1. This is a known issue, we already have an update in queue that is waiting review for 10 days and we thought we’d fix this in the next version, but maybe we can squeeze another version in before the reviewer handles the theme.
  2. Thanks, I did not notice this.


Hi. Everything looks great on Android or PS but on iPhone (Chrome or Safari browsers) the special romanian characters don’t show, like in the screencapture attached.

Thanks for your help!



I’m not sure that this is something that can be fixed from the theme. Could you try switching to a different font?


It’s the same thing with every font in the list.


Well, as I said I’m not really sure if there is a way to fix this from the theme, at least I don’t know any. And I don’t have an iPhone so I never encountered this issue.

Could you switch to a different theme and check if it’s alright?


I changed to Twenty Fourteen theme and the special characters appear normal, so it appears to be just a moesia problem.
Any other thoughts?


Twentyfourteen works the same as Moesia in regards to encoding, I’m not seeing a difference.
Only thing I can think of is to declare the charset in the style.css, although I don’t think this will fix it.

Please open your style.css and add @charset "utf-8"; at the top, above everything else.


You’re right, it doesn’t work. It was the only thing left to do befor launching my blog … any other thoughts?


I have no idea what could be wrong, I’ve never saw this issue and I can’t find any info on it.
Would it be ok to replace the faulty characters with some jQuery for small screens? I see that only ț and ș are not working. If you add the following code to /js/scripts.js file it will replace them at screen widths below 1024px (ț becomes t etc.):

jQuery(function($) {
	if ( $(window).width() < 1024 ) {

Let me know if it works on your iphone and if there are any other characters that need replacing.


I did that and now when i acces the blog on the iphone the only thing that displays is a :slight_smile:


That’s ridiculous, that function works perfectly.

I’m not sure what can be done, we’ll do some further testing on our end when an iphone will be available.