Fonts doesn't change

Hello, how are you?
My name is Diego and I’m having some font change issue in Sydney (free) theme.
I correctly filled the Google Font spaces in Customize/Fonts tab, but this just worked fine in Firefox! Even putting @import on css or puting embed in <head> (and, of course, font-family), Chrome, Safari and mobile browsers can not show the new font.

The website link:

Some help and/or solution?



I think there might be something wrong with that particular font. The font is actually the same in both Firefox and Chrome, difference is that Chrome doesn’t show it italic for some reason - and as far as I can see you’ve only selected italic when you loaded the font.

Hello Vlad, thanks for the awnser.

Maybe you’re right. I’ve tried the JavaScript, the David Bain solution, the CSS fontfix solution, but nothing seemed to work.

Well, gonna keep trying. Thank you so much for the support, man!