Fonts Changed after Update and Can't be Changed Back

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As requested, I’m creating a new topic:

I noticed that something a couple things were off about the appearance of my site after the recent update, one being the fonts/typography. However, when I went to the fonts area of the customizer, as directed by the change log you posted and other similar support threads, the dropdowns did not display when I clicked on them, so it seems to be stuck on Raleway for both headings and body fonts. I checked your documentation here but my customizer is NOT behaving as the video shows.

I rolled back to one of my site backups to at least find out what fonts were set previously, which you can see here:

Then, I returned to the updated version to set the fonts, until I realized it won’t even let me change them anyway!

The website I am working on is and here is a link to a screenshot:

Notice that under body fonts, I pressed the dropdown and the arrow switched to pointing upward, but no options are displayed. It behaves the same for the heading fonts section, as well.

Side Note: I also had the issue of my homepage slider disappearing. I was able to fix it after reading your change log, but when I rolled back to a previous backup last night, there was nothing wrong with my settings for the header type. The update had actually removed the setting I had for the home page slider. It concerns me that an update can mess with a site this much.

I’m also running a child theme, but that didn’t seem to prevent any of these issues. This site has been going with hardly any maintenance for the past 3-4 years, so this update behavior boggles my mind.

After reading all the other similar support topics, I cleared my site’s cache, cleared my browser history, and tried an incognito tab without any luck. Here’s hoping you can help me get this straightened out!


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About the slider: the update did not remove the setting, it just set the correct default. I know this caused issues for some people and it is something we expected to happen but it was an issue and it needed to be corrected.

About the fonts dropdown: I haven’t encountered this issue before. While having the Customizer loaded, can you please hit F12 and take another screenshot? Or if it’s more convenient, you can ust create a temporary admin account for me and send it to so I can have a look. I’m sure we can sort this out.


Hello There,

I have the same problem. When I update the sydney toolbox, it’s ok, but when I update the Sydney Theme, the fonts that I had disappeared and no way to put it back.

@vlad Credentials were just sent to your email.

Thanks. The problem you’re facing is caused by a conflict with The Events Calendar plugin. Instead of targeting specific <select> elements it targets all <select> elements it seems.

The solution for you is to disable The Events Calendar just for a bit, setup your fonts and then re-enable.

We’ll try to find a permanent solution to avoid this conflict.


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Thank you! I was able to get it back to normal for now.


Please advice. I have the same problem. I have updated the theme yesterday and my fonts disappear and no way to put them back. It has dropdown menu and my font is not listed there. Before I could use the google fonts code and it worked perfectly.

I have use the plugin (import/export file) to download the file and check that in the file it says the correct font but it is not showing on the website.

I have imported the file as it was before (I was getting ready to move to pro so I have download the file form customize - appareance - export file), but no changes.

I have clean all the cache and no change.

It is showing some other font.

Please help. The website is

Thank you,


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I report the same problem, but haven’t got help in this message spicifically. I am waiting help also.

Hello there,

Have you properly set the font weight of your selected font to axactly match the weight available on Google Fonts?

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 10.29.10

aThemes Support

Hello, well, the font name I use is not even available with the update, like all the google fonts are gone after the update, so impossible to choose again the same fonts after the update.

Please see image attached for what is there (before the update).

After the update, it’s different fonts, what I have there is disapeared. Fortunatly, I had a backup, so, I could go back to how it was like you see on the image. But if I do an update, I will get again some other fonts that are not related to what I have there already.

Hello, thank you for your response.

I am seeing exactly the same problem as Isabelle. My font is not in selection anymore neither.

For now I have choose some similar but I had to adjust the sizes of the heading since my slider was looking broken with the new font.

I have the same question, is there a way that I can have the same font I had before the update?

It is this something that will be happening every time we update the theme?

Thank you,


Hello Zaneta (@zs1) and Isabel (@isabelleroger23),

Which fonts did you use before? I would like to reproduce the issue with your fonts on my test site.

aThemes Support

Hello Kharis, thank you for your response.

I have used Barlow Condensed font. (google fonts)

Please let me know what was the outcome. Thank you!

Unfortunately Barlow Condensed is unsupported for some reasons. I will pass this to our development to update the list of available Google Fonts shortly in the newer version release. At this time, you may choose other Google Font.

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