Font variant for headers and welcome message

Three font questions:

  1. Is there a way to make the headers either small-caps or lowercase?

  2. Is there a way to change the welcome title and welcome message font? Can the font-variant also be changed to small-caps?

  3. Is there a way to change the size of the welcome message font?

I tried the font extension (which is great) but it doesn’t help with the above questions.

Thanks so very much for your help!

Hi, you can use Easy google fonts instead. Its easy to use and worked!

Hi Awan,

I tried to use Easy google fonts, but that does not allow me to change the font-variant. Everything still comes out in all capital letters. I would like to use small caps for my headers.

Also, there is no place to use Easy Google Fonts for the welcome message and welcome title (at least I can’t find where to put it).

Are you able to help with this please?

Thank you so much!

You have to create new control to the plugin, then add this to the css selector:
.welcome-title and .welcome-desc

Hi Awan,

I’ve been using Easy Google Fonts but I can’t make my font variant small-caps. Also, certain fonts just won’t change no matter what I do on Easy Google Fonts. I keep trying and have tried everything you have suggested. Do you have a fix for this?

Thank you!

You want the font on welcome header are changed, did you put class selector to the plugin correctly (see the screenshot above)?

I’ve tried it myself before give you the answer, and its worked :slight_smile:

maybe you can create new admin credential to your site and send it to my email at awanrimbawan101 at gmail. Hope I can help you further

Hi Awan,

Yes I did put both class selectors in the plugin correctly…exactly as you did in the screenshot. The font on the welcome header changed, but not the welcome message.

My site is not live yet so I can’t send you login credentials. If you can help in any way I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

okay, after you put the correct selector to the plugin, did you try to change the typography of the welcome text from cusomize > typograhy?

Yes. I was able to change the typography of the welcome header, but there is no option to change the typography of the welcome description.

I also cannot change the widget title sizes or the h3. I have used the customizer and Google Awesome Fonts. Nothing works. The size will show being changed in the customizer, but the changes don’t actually happen. I don’t know what to do.

can you create new wp credential to your site and send it to awan.rimbawan101 at gmail? Let me check your site :slight_smile: