Font sizing

Having some problems changing the size of a blockquote. I don’t want to use any <h> options because the font weight is too thick (600, and need it to be 300) and the code to make the change has no effect.

I’ve tried to use paragraph text CSS Attribute in the page builder .blockquote font-size 25 but that made everything else on the page turn to 25px except the .blockquote

I also tried o change it using html but that didn’t work either.

Tried a few plugins as well to change the font sizes, but it doesn’t work either.

can anyone help?

You can use this in your child theme:

blockquote {
    font-size: 25px;

Please note that there is no . in blockquote.

Cheers Vlad,
I was trying to place it into the Custom css instead of the Child Theme.
I also just discovered in the Customize area the Typography section that allows for changing individual font styles. I hadn’t noticed that before.

Thanks gain