Font Size

I have set the font size in the “appearance”—>“Customize”---->“Fonts”

The previews reflect the selected size.

----> Save & Publish

----> Delete Cashe

The live web page does NOT reflect the selected size.


How do I remove the gray lines of the table, the template

hi, you can delete those lines from your css file. go to 652. line and remove
border: 4px double #ebebeb; or change as you want also from 592. line
border-bottom: 4px double #ebebeb; for upper grey lines.

for font sizes please tell me wich text you want to change so i can provide you code

Hi Oren,

THANK YOU for the help, sorry for the delay!!

I am using site builder, so if I “switch to editor” I will lose all the “rows” and “widgets”. This is referring to your suggestion about how to remove the lines.

The font issue is here

The tittles size will not change not matter what !!!