Font size adjustments

I know you can select from about 20 different fonts in the customizer but unless I am blind there is no way to adjust font size. Is this possible?

Nope, not at the moment. But you can simply add some CSS if you want. If you tell me what elements you want to change I can help you with that.

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s not really a big deal so I’ll probably not mess with CSS. Love the theme still :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the same question, searched hard and long but could not find. I would like to increase the font size in the ‘FACTS’ widget. The italic text is extremely small. Would be grateful if you could provide a code. Thank you!


You mean the widget description? It’s the same for all widgets:

.section-desc {
   font-size: 16px;

Thanks for the quick response. No, I tried that one and it didn’t work. The text section the user (me) can add in the “Enter a short description for this block”. It’s default font is very tiny and italic.

I’m pretty sure that works. Where exactly are you adding the code? Can you post a link to your site?

Sorry Vlad, you are correct, was thinking of another line of code and didn’t realize you’d given me a line to ‘add’ to the editor. It worked and all is good. Thanks for your help!