Font settings not applied

Hello, I have set the Fonts in the sydney theme, but the website is showing a seemingly random font roboto for copy. No idea where it’s coming from…

A) In Customize=>Fonts=>Font family=>Body is set to ‘Playfair Display’

B) Also, in Elementor I have both of these boxes checked:

Box 1) Checking this box will disable Elementor’s Default Colors, and make Elementor inherit the colors from your theme.

Box 2) Checking this box will disable Elementor’s Default Fonts, and make Elementor inherit the fonts from your theme.

C) I have also tried to set this in the body{} css but it does not get applied.

Unfortunately e-global-typography-primary-font-family: “Roboto”; is being applied instead…

Please advise on how to apply the theme’s font settings to the website.



Thank you for contacting us about our Sydney theme. I am happy to help with your queries.

Can you confirm whether you have set the correct font weights and they’re match with your selected fonts?

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 08.51.43

aThemes Support

It was not set this way, but even after updating it to match your settings, I was still seeing Roboto font.

Instead of setting globally, i ended up resolving this by setting many elements to use Raleway individually.

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