Font problems


I’ve recently installed the Moesia Pro theme, but I’m having difficulties changing the font. Changing it in the customiser doesn’t seem to work, and neither did using a custom CSS plugin. I’m using a child theme now, and i’m still unable to get it to work, either in the customiser, the plugin, or by editing my child theme’s stylesheet.

My site is at

Any ideas what the problem is?




Fonts option work fine for me. Also the fonts extension which I see you’re using is working fine.

As far as I can see you’ve added Open Sans for the menu items in your child theme, and it seems that it’s working properly?

Yeah sorry I forgot to mention that.

I changed the font for the menu items but I can’t seem to get anything to affect the headers or the body text. For example I’ve just changed the heading font to Lato in the customiser, but to me it’s still showing as Roboto Condensed. Same with the body text which the customiser says should be Cantarell, but doesn’t appear to be displaying any differently.



Send me an admin account to vlad[at] please so I can have a quick look at what you have there.

Thanks, I’ve just sent one over.

When you activate the Fonts Extended plugin it automatically disables the default font options in the theme. Sorry for not understanding sooner what you meant.

I’ve set Lato and Cantarell from the extension options (Customize > Moesia Extensions > Fonts extension).

There is small tutorial video that shows how to use on the page you downloaded it from.

Please remember to delete the account you made for me.

OK Brilliant, I’ve got it now.

Thanks for your help!