Font problem

I’ve a problem with my site

I’ve changed my font using ‘Cardo’ Google font following the procedure shown in your video, the font works perfectly on firefox but it doesn’t work on chrome desktop nor in chrome for android.
Any solutions?

Hi, sorry for delay.
I’ve check your site using chrome and I see your font is loaded and work fine.


Well i see the first font used on firefox and the second font used on chrome, but i need to use firefox style.

Do you really see firefox font on chrome?

I am try on both firefox and chrome

What kind of firefox is that?
What OS are you running?

I am using the latest version of the firefox and chrome.

I am using windows 8, and there is no related issue with the OS

Ok i totally don’t know…

I’ve updated to 10 today and i’ve tried to open my site on edge and i see my firefox font working correctly but still not working on my chrome.

Those should be my font characteristics
font-family: “Cardo”;
font-style: italic;
font-weight: 400;

But the italic is not working on my chrome nor on your firefox and chrome.

Where did you put your css code in above? and did you need to apply the code in above only for the site title and navigation menu or for all text on your site?

I’ve used the font section of theme personalization just as showed in athemes video.


have you try to clear the cache?

Tried, nothing happens chrome still don’t show my font while firefox and edge works perfectly.

I suppose i just have to change font and hope to don’t get other problems.