Font Issue


In the process of setting up the new theme, noticing inconsistent fonts at time as seen in this screenshot: Is there a way to prevent this in the code?


Sorry for late responses. I’ve checked your site but looks like you are using another theme.

Apologies- the theme has been activated now and still seeing the issue. Could you please take another look?

Okay, thank you.
So, what do you want to change in your site?

As shown in the screenshot above, at times the font is not always consistent (example: “View” is a different font from “Sixty Second” and the “A” is not the same as the rest of the post title). Is there a way to prevent this in the coding?

Oh I see… that was because your browser is not load the web page completely.
I’ve try several times to reload my browser, and your site is looking good.

This has happened multiple times. How can we ensure this does not happen in the future?

There is many users that using this theme already and we don’t have any issue related with the font.

Please ask your friends to access your site to know if they also experiences the same issue?

I also try to check the performances of your site, and it looks good.

I have the same problem.
Can somebody help me, please?