Font has changed after theme update - help!

Hi, I use a child theme and usually updates go ahead with a hitch, since updated to 1.37 the font for my site has changed completely - this has never happened before. Strangely the font that is selected hasn’t changed. I’m using Google Fonts: Font name: Gloria+Hallelujah|Coming+Soon’ Font family: ‘Coming Soon’, cursive;

My website is

Now, I do have a duplicated test site on the sub domain which I always update first. This is fine: screen grab below

I need to know what happened and how to change it back as on a mobile device it is almost unreadable italic! Can anyone help I’m stumped.

Hi, i’ve come up with a temp solution and rolled back to 1.35, fonts are back to normal. Any thoughts on what causes this? I jumped from 1.35 to 1.37 initially.


Everything should go smoothly as it did on your test site. If you could please update back to 1.37 so I can see what’s happening.

Hey Vlad, thanks for replying and sorry for the delay, as my website is used for business and I’m really reluctant to put it back to 1.37 as it is virtually unreadable on mobile devices.

However, here’s a screen grab of what it looks like

In the settings the font is still a google font. It’s not an issue with just 1.37 either, I tried 1.36 and it has the same effect. I noticed in the changelog for 1.36 that you’ve Combined Google Fonts into a single request. Just wondering if this is causing the issue?

Any suggestions that don’t involve changing it to 1.37 would be gratefully received!

That change shouldn’t interfere.

Take a screenshot please of your font selection in the Customizer so I can reproduce locally.
So the issue is that on mobile the text shows as italic?

Hi Vlad, thanks again for looking into this.

That’s right on mobile the text showed as italic!


Remove the first font since you’re not using it and that’s not how it should be loaded. So keep only Coming+Soon. Notice please that you have a stray tick () that also needs to be removed in the Font name fields.

Edit: Just to clarify, these are the issues you’re having with your font selection. I’m not sure at this point if they’ll actually solve your problem.

Hi Vlad, that solved the issue, upgraded to 1.37 now. Thanks so much for your help and quick support. I keep spreading the word about this great theme and support!