Font awesome Icons Self Hosted

Hello Vlad, how have you been? I migrated one site I asked for support for this domain “” because some functions were not working very well in PHP 5.2 server.

After migration, almost all my problems were solved, but this is one that I can not solve alone, that’s why I really appreciate your help xD.

Font awesome icons are not showing ever, often only see those rectangles that appear because the browser was unable to read the character …

I did a search and read that I can host the files direct to my hosting and point to the files inside it.

I do not quite understand, I think something that maybe is simple, but I’m afraid to do something stupid.

So … my question is: After downloading the files link:

Which ones do I have to upload to the site, which the wordpress folder and how do I point all of template icons for this hosted file?

Hey Oscar,

Fontawesome is included in the theme, so it’s already on your server. The problem is that you’re not loading them from the correct domain, instead you’re loading them from here: Most browsers don’t allow this because of security reasons (a CORS error is generated).
You can either load them from your actual domain ( or you can edit your .htaccess file like here if you’re on Apache or nginx.

PS: I replied to your email a couple of weeks ago but you haven’t replied back.

I think the field is still being propagated, I booked it yesterday, I’ll wait another day to see if the links will automatically correct (.web1317.kingho … alternate domain given by the hosting).

Can you confirm if I did that question at gmail or


I replied to your email, sorry for the delay, need to change this webmail, sometimes I end up missing out on some …

Taking advantage of the situation, as I can put a picture on forum profile? I see the “Edit” from my profile, but I can not find how to upload my photo.

I don’t think you can directly. You need to have a Gravatar account associated with the email address you’re using here and it will load the picture automatically.

i’ll switch this when i go home. Thx :slight_smile: