Font Awesome icons not showing up

I don’t know what happened, but the font awesome icons are not showing up anymore. Any ideas?

Thank you!

In what browser? I’m seeing them fine.

I was using Firefox and the icons stopped showing up for the past few days, however, I see them now, too. Very strange. Maybe it was a Firefox bug. If it happens again, I’ll take a screenshot to show you. Thanks!

I see what might be happening… On my domain name, the icons are missing. But if you visit the WP folder directly,, the icons are in tact. Will this be an issue forever? What can I do to fix it so that it appears correctly on ?

Just wanted to check back in - any ideas as to why the font awesome icons aren’t working on the main domain name ( But work fine in the folder ( Is there any treatment I can do to make sure they work on the main domain name?

Thank you!!