Font Awesome Icons Color


Ive been on the documentation document for a while and cannot find this question.

The font awesome icons that are orange, how does one change this color ? I want all te orange gone. Does this have to be edited in the style.css file? Or is there somewhere in the Customize panel for this ?\

Thank you,

Hello Nick,

The color of the icon is using general text color. You can change the color from: customize > colors > text.

or you can also to change it manually using css code:

.fa {
    color: red;

awesome. thank you. close :slight_smile:

hi… this still doesnt work even with the setting you showed me…

Some of the componenets on the home page are keeping the orange stock color. the CTA-Moesia element is one of them that is keeping the orange. The FP-Facts Moesia is also showing everything in orange…Ive already set all colors to a green yet orange is ruling… Help please!!

Hi Nick,

Did you change the color from the customizer or using custom css code? can you post the URL of your site?