Floating header logo

I have a transparent black effect on my header logo, is there anyway to switch it off to just have the floating logo?


Hi, no, I presume that you can place your logo in main menu (instead of home icon).

Or, just replace your current logo (.jpg file format), edit colors, remove background and save it in .png format with transparent background.

I dont think you understand. I am not trying to change the logo image. When you scroll a black opaque shadow goes across the whole screen, which with my design uses too much space so when you scroll I just want the logo or even the logo to remove entirely.

Sorry, I still don’t get it. If you thought on default menu black background at the top you can apply custom css to remove background entirely.

Install this plugin and apply this code:

header.header-fixed.scroll {
    background: none;

Default menu will float as you scroll, so you can place logo inside it.