Fixeh header with logo


Hy, great theme. Thank you for it. I would like to know is it possible that the header wuth logo does not scroll down with the theme.
Also when I change the + sign for the menu with my custom picture, a circle appears and the image inside it. Can that circle be removed?

Thank you.



Hello Zoran,

You can upload your logo from customizer > general.
can you please explain this “does not scroll down with the theme.”?
and can you tell me how did you change the + sign with picture? is it using custom css code or others?

also it will help me if you post the URL of your site here.



Hello Awan,

Can I e-mail you the URL. Site is under construction and password protected.
I would like for the header to stay only fixed. Like it was normal header with the menu links.
The + sign I changed with the css code. But circle appears with my small image inside it?

Thank you.


of course, here is the email: awan.rimbawan101 at gmail.



Thank you, I managed everything. Well, almost. How can I changed the font and color of sidebar menu?
Is there a way to add logo to the sidebar?
Can I change the + sign to a different image?

Thank you!



Hello Zoran,

Its great if you can manage it self :slight_smile:
Here is the css code to change the sidebar background color and fonts:

#sidebar {
    background-color: blue;

#sidebar a {
    color: white;

and here is to change the “+” menu with image:

.sidebar-btn {
    background: url(http://image.png);
    background-size: contain;
    border-radius: 0px;
  margin-top: 8px;
.sidebar-btn::before,  .sidebar-btn::after {
    content: none;



you are the best. Thank you.
I can’t figure how to change the font of the sidebar menu in you css?
Please help.

best regards.



Oh sorry… you can put the code using simple custom css
and you can use Easy google font to change the font.






sorry just one more question. Is it possible to change the image that shows while opening the home page? The one in the middle of the screen.

Thank you.



Did you mean the header image? of course you can change it. you can set it from customize > header image.



I ment the small image that apears in the middle of the screen while the page is loading? When I open the page or open another from the menu.
Just one more question about the header height, how to make it bigger? No widder because it allready is full widht, but to increase the height? Is it possible?
Because now it depends on the size of the logo. My logo is small but I want a higher header.

Thank you.



Oh I see, the animation, right? that was not an image but css animation.

to change it, its better if you create a child theme first.

Then, open header.php and replace the code inside of <div class="preloader"> using your image.

and here is to change the header height:

.site-branding {
    height: 100px;