Fixed header image


Is it possible to ,make the header image fixed with the rest of the page scrolling under it?



Why did you want the header image to be fixed? I think that was a big area and displayed as full screen.

Can you post the URL of your site?


Hello Awan,
Thanks for the reply. The URL is:



Thanks for the URL. I noticed that you need the header area (menu and logo) to be fixed, not the header image is it correct?

If so, you can setting it from: customize> menu > then untick this option “Stop the nav bar from being sticky?”



Thanks for putting me through. I have one more question. When viewing the site on a mobile device or tablet, the sub-menu links is invisible because there is no color contrast between the text and the background. please how do I change the background color or the font color of the sub-menu section.
Thanks for your help so far.


Did you switch the site to maintenance mode? Can you activate your site for a while? so I can check your site directly


Sorry I’ve only just seen your message. The site is up now.


Thanks for re-activating your theme.
Here is the css code to change the font color of the sub-menu:

@media screen and (max-width: 991px){
  .main-navigation ul ul a {
    color: grey;

You can use simple custom css plugin to put the code above


Thanks Awan, It works perfectly.
Thanks for the support.