Fix home page imgae with only text scrollling


in sydney theme, i want that there will be only one full screen image/picture on home page and only text sliders will be sliding. can it be done?

if not, then is there any other theme through which it can be done.


is anyone there ? it is a bit urgent one


may i know if any one there to help me out. i have heard that athemes has good support system, i experienced it last time, but this time no single reply after so many hours.

no one there to help me out in this small issue

Kharis Sulistiyono , man where are you ? please take a time to look out at my issue

Hi Andukul,

We apologize for the late reply.

Here is the CSS to make the home page to display the image slider only:

.home .page-wrap, .home .footer-widgets, .home .site-footer {
    display: none;


No, i dod not want this.

following are the points which i want:

  1. In Image slider i want only picture, so no scrolling of images just one image full page.
    change slide animation such that, even i keep same image three times, in header slider, it will not show any animation while image chnaging, so viewers feel that only one full page image is there and only text scrolling animations is going on.

  2. Text scrolling will be continue as it is

Oh I see… you will need to edit the existing code which is its beyond our support policy. Please contact or for further help.


hmmmm :frowning:

then do athemes have any such template, which has full home page background image and only text scrolling animation on home page and same scroll doen button for remaning home page area.


Another solutions, you can upload the same image for the sliders. Example:
1st slide:
image A
Text A

2nd slide:
image A
Text B

3rd slide:
image A
Text C

Then, add these CSS code to remove the fade effect:

.slides-container .slide-item {
    opacity: 1 !important;

Hope it helps.


Hey Awan ,

man, i was looking for this solution only… it worked…you are superb…tons of thanks man.

Now only tell me css so that i can bring that text sliding and scroll down button in center of the page

Go to Customize > Header area > Header slider > put #primary to the URL textfield on the “Call To Action Button”.

it is primary only

which css class do we ise to chnage position of scrolling text and scroll doen button


Oh you want to downward the slider text and the button? Here you go:

.slide-inner {
    top: 60%;