Fix for error 500 please

What is the fix?
Please say if there is a solution for the error 500. It is a chance for you to do so now.
From your forum it looks everyone has moved on with something else as from page 1 to six in your forum is full of the same thing, error 500, yet not a single result right or fixed. Poor! I am making a fool of myself with my client. I need to know if I will persevere with this theme as my customer is getting cagey now.

  1. when making
    a] edit and save a page it returns 'page cannot be found error 500’
    b] it won’t allow to make a page under parents it returns 'page cannot be found error 500’
    c] any previous pages when trying to edit it returns 'page cannot be found error 500’
    d] I am trying to remove a row in the homepage ‘do you want to’ to take some time etc … then the call to action button it returns 'page cannot be found error 500’
    Done everything with my Host and happy I have all memory limits all my coding files in contents are fine [I am veteran not seasonal], in my plugins all the do s and don’t.
    I have searched your post it is full of this error 500 and I have not found one reply with a solution and what I read is that everyone have moved away from the Sydney as they are fed-up with not getting a fix. From page one to page six of the forum. NO FIX
    YOU cannot fix it?
    Though I like your the and have already enthuse my client with it am afraid I will have to delete it and move on going forward unless you have a fix in the next three hours. I am looking as a fool in front of my client.
    I have watched this
    Unfortunately it will be necessary for me to write on his social that this is not a successful theme and that will damage your position in the market. Please this is your chance tell the truth. You cannot solve the problem, right?

Hello there,

Does this issue also occur even with the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen? To troubleshoot such this error, please checkout this codex: