Firefox and Ie got responsive layout problems

Hi, i’m using Moesia theme in a WordPress website, and surfing from Firefox or Internet Explorer i notice several problems. I mean when i reduce browsers tab size, texts overlap the images. And i notice that responsive tool of this theme is not working with firefox and internet explorer browsers, fe the boxed layout with items inside, the images not resize when i stretch down the tab.

With moesia pro can i fix this problem? It’s fully responsive?



Post a link to your site so I can see what you mean please. The theme works the same in Chrome/Firefox etc., you can check out our demo page.

try to surf with chrome and resize tabfix and it’s all ok. try with firefox or ie and resing you got that problem.

the banner “light up your ambition” with chrome resize all, and it’s all ok. with firefox the image doesn’t autoresize.