Few questions (free theme)

Ok. Got now the child running and basic tweaks done. Couple of things baffle me still, and would appreciate good advice:

  1. How to change theme header colour? My content is mainly light and airy, and logo image is dark, so dark overlay doesn’t fit too well. I would like to change it to shade of white. How to do that ?
  2. Projects page full width ? Ok, I found out some advice how to get rid of sidebar on Single Project Page, but the content still floats in middle with paddings on left/right on wide viewport. Is there any way to make it really full bleed (browser edge to edge) ? My need is to have nice fullwidth hero image for each project.
    Alternatively, if that’s not possible, I could live with header image, but can’t seem to accomplish that either.


Sorry, stupid me. Getting too late to sharp thinking. Of course I could get header image on projects page, so that alternative is solved. But it’s not optimal so if there is a way to have content run full bleed, I would love to know hoe :slight_smile:

Well, you can remove the container like this:

.page-template-single-project .site-content > .container {
    width: 100%;

You’ll probably also want to also hide the project featured image on the single project page since that has a max size of 700px and instead insert the image directly from the editor so you can have it full screen. This of course if I understand what you want to do.

Cool. Thank you so much ! This was exactly I was looking for.

Any hope you could help with another problem ? I am able to control header image overlay colour and opacity on front page, but the change does not reflect on other pages.
Basically what I’d need to

  • change overlay colour from black to white (+ control opacity)
  • if possible, also restrict the overlay on many strip, not on whole image

Post a link to your page please so I can see why it’s not working.

Thanks. I’m still working on local offline copy, I will have it online later this week. So I’ll ask then again…
It’s not super important, more like just getting the feel of header to fit other content.

But, it’s cool that you support free version this well :slight_smile: