Few problems

I am trying to build a site using sydney theme.

This is my site: http://www.merchantaccounthelp.xyz/

However, sometimes on desktop the sync of slider images and text gets out, why does that happen? I used high res images, is that the reason or the theme auto resizes them when they are uploaded?

Second and main problem is that when i am viewing the site in mobile, it loads very slow and works very laggy. I have checked on chrome and firefox mobile and i am using lg g3…also when i tilt the screen, the screen layout is gets changed, i am attaching the pics for you:

Normal view:

Tilted view:

So any advise? is there an option to create a lite version of website for mobile devices using the same theme?

Please help me out.

@fajoo24 did you figure out why your slider images and text get out of sync? I’m having the same issue.