Few Issues to be fixed..please help

Hello…first and foremost…Thank you much for great theme! Have been looking for something like this for a while. I have few issues, please kindly help and address them…how can I fix them and have the look i want…
my website…jasleenkaurphotography.com
1 - Somewhere during customizing, I messed up main menu, neither of the menu options pop up relative/related screen. It stays stagnant but with a blink, as something happened.
2 - I do not want the search, or all other menu buttons, options on the side. I want a clean look without distractions.
3 - I downloaded another single theme page and want to incorporate that on blog page as I like the sleek look of it…need help in installing it.
4 - I want to customize the font, I downloaded a webfont, but again do not know how to incorporate! Thanks…Looking forward to hear the reply soon.